Platys Gialos

The Rita Rooms and Studios complex is located in the coastal settlement of Platys Gialos, 7km from the center of the island and just 150m from the sea. The place name comes from ‘Platis Aigialos’ and means a beach that has a relatively large width, spacious beach. It is the busiest and most famous beach on the island, which for many years has been awarded with the blue flag of the European Union. In Platys Gialos you are going to create the memories that you will want to revive every year, by visiting the island and choosing the Rita Rooms and Studios for your stay.

Sifnos is a beautiful island that will fascinate you with its history, culture, cuisine and people. Throughout the island there are ancient monuments that testify to the history of the island. The 366 churches of the island, the whitewashed houses with combinations of rectangular volumes arranged around the cobbled alleys with the carefully whitewashed joints, in a way that creates an extremely interesting diversity. We are certain that you are going to enjoy the tour of our island while at the same time you will enjoy our famous local cuisine. Due to the origin of Nikos Celementes from Sifnos, the island acquired a culinary culture, giving the opportunity to each traveler to taste and enjoy the delicious traditional flavors of the island. These images, places, calm atmosphere, flavors and people will be etched in your memory giving you the sweetest memories. One summer in Sifnos is going to remain imprinted in your mind and you will always want to come back.

We are expecting you at Sifnos and at Rita Rooms and Studios to provide your most dreamy vacation and to show you the Sifnian hospitality that we have been lovingly offering all these years as a family business.